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Mosaic of the Virgin Mary vandalised by BLM activists in the Netherlands

According to the portal, the Black Madonna mosaic, which for Poles living in this city since the Second World War, is one of the most important symbols in the city, was desecrated. All indications are that representatives of the Black Lives Matters movement are behind the anti-Catholic attack.


Paul Depla, the Mayor of Breda commented on the incident. In his opinion, such acts of vandalism are completely unjustified. He expressed his sympathy to Poles living in Breda, for whom “the mosaic of the Black Madonna is of special value.”

The Black Madonna mosaic in Breda was created by Jan Gladdines. In 1954, it was placed in a Marian chapel in the park at the corner of Wilhelminasingel and Lovensdijkstraat as “thanks for the Polish city liberators from German occupation”.

According to the city’s spokesman, the graffiti will not be easy to remove. “This will require specialised work; the first steps will be taken by the cleaning department of the municipality of Breda,” he assured.



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