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Christians attacked after incitement by mosque leaders in Sudan

Several Christians were attacked in east Khartoum, Sudan following calls from mosque leaders to rid their “Muslim area” of South Sudanese Christians. There were also assaults in neighbouring Omdurman this month, sources said.


On the 6th of June, at the end of evening prayers at a mosque in the Al-Jerif East area, imams called for residents to rid Christian South Sudanese from the “Muslim area,” a source who requested anonymity told Morning Star News. Attacks on Christians in the area followed that evening and the next day.

In a separate attack on the 20th of June in Omdurman, across the Nile River west of Khartoum, young Muslim men shouting the “Allah Akbar” stabbed a Christian to death in a street assault. The man was thirty-five.

The attack left one of the other South Sudanese Christians in critical condition. Three Christian women were also assaulted but survived despite their injuries.

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