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Hindu radicals threaten to kill a Christian family in north India

According to Morning Star News, a twelve-year-old Christian boy and his brother received death threats late at night on the 18th of June from a group of radical Hindu nationalists in Uttar Pradesh.


“We heard them banging on the door and shouting,” the Christian boy told Morning Star News. “Five men, along with my uncle, were standing at the door, issuing threats that they would murder my brother and me.”

The boys’ father, Anil James, works 116 miles away in Delhi. The COVID-19 lockdown has kept him from returning home, leaving the family vulnerable to attack. The boys’ terrified mother, Molly James, told her two sons to run to the police station while she locked the doors and that she would catch up with them later.

“My brother and sister have portrayed me as a bad woman in this Hindu neighbourhood for accepting Christianity.” Molly James told Morning Star News. “They have been trying to expel my family from the area for the past three years.”

When Molly and her sons arrived at the police station, officers made sure they returned to their home safely.

The next day, police went to investigate the issue. Molly’s brother and sister told the police that the death threats were an attempt to settle a property dispute without police involvement. Later that day, Molly’s brother threatened her again, saying he would kill her and her two children.

Before the 18th of June incident, Molly’s siblings had demanded that she resume Hindu rituals and stop worshipping Christ to continue living in her home. They also have objected to her eldest son rehearsing Christian worship music on his guitar.


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