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Firsthand Christian witnesses in Uganda

Reverend Musisi worked as an assistant mission coordinator for six years before being sent to a city known for its huge population of Muslims. Islam had spread in the region through promises of wealth and power; in one town alone, there were 33 mosques and 10,000 Muslims. This was the beginning of Musisi’s foray into Muslim evangelism.


As International Christian Concern writes they were amazed by the testimonials of a group of MBBs in Africa, who continue to live in Muslim-dominated communities in order to reach other Muslims with the Good News. They traveled to Africa to meet with three of these evangelists, two of whom are former Muslims. These people gave them a firsthand witness of their work with new MBBs, which we now support. Here’s an inside sneak peek of their life and ministry.

In 1994, Reverend Musisi held his first crusade. He had no idea what he was getting into, or how powerful the Muslims were in that community.

“When we started, we started ignorantly because we didn’t know how rich the Muslims were. I remember in 1994 we had the first crusade, and other evangelicals were beaten and then taken to court. But… the case was won in the court.”

“We found God in that Church of Uganda,” he shared. “In that town, we have started like three parishes and over 20 churches around their mosques. And we thank God for that and that we’re reaching them.”

He can still remember in 1994, when they prayed with a Muslim man who had a crippled daughter. An amazing thing happened when they prayed. He shared, “We prayed for her, and his daughter was delivered, and then she accepted Jesus Christ to be her Lord and savior in the middle of that town.”

One year, they mobilized a massive crusade with around 10,000 attendees.

Musisi was called to the police station three times that week, but nothing happened. The crusade was a success and through it, they were able to start fellowships in the area. 

Today, Musisi continues to bravely serve at his parish in a Muslim-dominated area.

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