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Rural church planter martyred in India’s Maharashtra State

A 35-year-old pastor, Munsi Thado, was found dead in the forest near Badpari village, located in the Godcharoli district of Maharashtra state. According to local sources, a group of unknown people took Pastor Munsi from his house and his body was later discovered by his wife, Rajini.


Pastor Munsi was living in the forest near Badpari village for the last five years due to persecution. Local villagers demanded he deny his Christian faith. When he refused, they kicked him out of the village.

“He was killed because of his faith, life, and ministry to the Adivasi people in the area,” one of Pastor Munsi’s colleagues told International Christian Concern (ICC). “He led more than 20 families to Christ in the last five years, ever since he was thrown out the village by some Hindu radicals.”

Before his conversion to Christianity seven years ago, Pastor Munsi was part of a Maoist separatist group. When he heard the Gospel, he surrendered and decided to live as a faithful disciple of Jesus.

Although the cause of the brutal killing is still unknown, local radical Hindu nationalists severely opposed Pastor Munsi and his family.

As Pastor Munsi was dragged from his home, Rajini plead for her husband’s life to be spared. These pleas fell on deaf ears. Despite her husband’s murder, Rajini is determined not to leave the village and the ministry they started.

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