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Another Christian woman killed in rural India

A 25-year-old Christian woman was murdered by unknown assailants in India’s Jharkhand state. The murder took place in the middle of the night on July 19, 2020, in a village called Redhadi, located in the Khunti district. According to local reports, she faced serious threats from radical Hindu nationalists.


The family of the victim, Suman Mundane, said they could not find Suman when their visited her home. The family searched and discovered Suman’s body in a deserted place near the house. Since then, four individuals have been arrested in connection with the murder and are being interrogated by local police, – International Christian Concern reports.

According to a local pastor, who wished to remain anonymous, Suman became a Christian six years ago. Following her conversion, the pastor reports she faced serious threats from radical Hindu nationalists.

“I am suspecting that this is the work of the Hindu religious fanatics,” the local pastor told ICC. “Prior to this incident, Christians have been facing a series of threats. They tell us to recant our faith and go back to Hinduism. This is very scary and members of my church are shattered.”

Last month, on June 7, a 27-year-old Christian named Kande Mudu was murdered by suspected religious fanatics in Bari village, also located in the Khunti district. Bari village is just over four miles from Redhadi village.

In the past two months, ICC has documented at least four religiously motivated murder of Christians in India. Authorities must do more to prevent further killings.

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