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Two churches vandalised in France in one night

The Church of Saint-Grat d'Etsos and the Church of Saint-Maria-Magdalena d'Urdos, both belonging to the Parish of Saint-Norbert-en-Aspe, were vandalised late on Saturday night last.


“It is an act of pure vandalism” admits Pierre Moulia, a priest from the town of Etsaut. While not present at the time of the events, he confirms that the church of Etsaut was indeed broken onto during the night by several people.

“The mayor lodged a complaint because the door was burst open with a crowbar. In addition, the sacristy door was also damaged” explains Pierre Moulia.

Inside, the sacristy cupboards were all opened, but nothing was stolen. Only a little money hidden in a container was missing.

“The individuals left by the rear of the convent, and no one saw them,” added Fr. Moulia. A church in the town of Urdos was also broken into that night. Again, no items were stolen, but the sacristy door was also forced open. Both churches are now closed as the investigation is ongoing.


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