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Indonesian Catholic prosecuted for the second time for blasphemy

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that an elderly Indonesian Catholic was detained by the police on the 9th of August, after Muslims accused him of insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad on social media. “Islam is not a religion, but a heretical teaching that silences and uncivilizes its people,” he wrote on Twitter.


The Muslim-turned-Catholic man also used other channels such as YouTube to post an anti-Islam video, and has written a book titled Six Ways Toward God, in which he encourages readers to search for the truth.

UCA News reported that Darmawan’s posts angered local Muslims, who then stormed his home on the 8th of August, dragged him into the street, and stripped him before the police came and took him into custody.

Head of the Bandung Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim), AKBP Galih Indragiri, said that they are investigating Darmawan’s case after a Muslim community group reported his activities.

Darmawan had been previously imprisoned under similar charges. In 2015, he was prosecuted by the South Jakarta Metro Police and sentenced to four years in prison for insulting Islam. He was only freed in March 2020.

Andreas Harsono from Human Rights Watch shared with ICC, “It is difficult [for him] to avoid prosecution under the current situation.” He also confirmed with ICC that Darmawan has not yet hired a lawyer to represent him.

Gina Goh, ICC’s Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, said, “While it is true that Darmawan unwisely criticized Islam on the internet, and this was not his first time provoking Muslims, the blasphemy laws in Indonesia make it easy for anyone who is non-Muslim to be targeted and prosecuted. If an Indonesian Muslim insults other religions, however, he or she would easily get away. This shows the double standard of the laws, which need to be addressed by the Indonesian government.”



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