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Christian families endure constant threat of attacks by Hindu radicals in India

According to Asia News, Rajesh Gupta, a Christian Pastor and his family were brutally attacked by radical Hindu nationalists with sharp weapons while Pastor Rajesh was reciting a prayer in the home of another believer. A friend rescued Pastor Gupta and his family and drove them to the hospital, where his wife remains hospitalised with a fractured hand and leg. It was registered as the second attack against Christians in Faridabad this year. 


On the 20th of June, a group of Hindu fundamentalists attacked an educational centre that forms part of the Grace Assembly of God Church in Faridabad and placed within it, a Hindu deity statue. Soon after, Bhatti, a protestant pastor, was ambushed, beaten, then fatally hit on the head by Hindu radicals with a sharp weapon.

The Christian community has called for justice over the murder of Bhatti and the rising violence against Christians. “It is a pity that a few days before Independence Day, Indian Christians are denied the freedom to pray and preach.” Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, told Asia News.

“Not everyone enjoys the freedom of worship, even in the privacy of their homes. Not everyone enjoys the same privileges.”

“Freedom from fear of attacks by right-wing attacks and freedom from poverty is only for the majority; not all are equal in India,” George added.


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