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Christian rickshaw driver in Pakistan beaten and falsely accused of terrorism


On July 24, Nasir Pervaiz, a Christian auto-rickshaw driver, was beaten and falsely accused of terrorism after he was told he could not pick up passengers at a medical clinic in Phoolnagar, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


The reason he was not allowed to pick up passengers was because of his religious identity as a Christian.

I was often teased, discriminated against, and abused by Muslim drivers at the pickup point in front of a medical clinic on the main road of Phoolagar city,” Pervaiz said.

This time Pervaiz was attacked, beaten, and left with multiple injuries as a result. Pervaiz’s auto-rickshaw was also stolen and is missing since the incident.

Later Pervaiz was falsely accused of terrorism and was arrested by police. However, the judge granted him bail until the next court hearing.

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