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A Catholic church vandalised in Quebec

The church of Saint-Pierre-de-La Vernière, in Madeleine islands (Gaspésie, Quebec), was vandalised on Thursday night.


According to La Fabrique, a group of people forced a lock to enter the building, nicknamed the Cathedral of the Islands by the Madelinots. They then emptied a fire extinguisher in the church, leaving a significant amount of white chemical  dust on the pews, the floor, the carpets and even the grand piano.

“I really find it disrespectful for that place, especially because the church has looked the same for the last century”, laments one of the members of the Fabrique, Georges Bourque. He added that there is nothing broken, but the interior of the church will need to be cleaned of all dust from the extinguisher.

A specialised company will take care of the cleaning in the coming days. The cost will amount to several thousand [Canadian] dollars, believes the churchwarden. Mr. Bourque indicates that a complaint has been filed with the Québec authorities. 


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