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Brazilian journalist denies the existence of Christianophobia

Even though Christianity is the most persecuted religion of the 21st century and people die every day for their Christian faith, there are more and more liberal thinking journalists in the western media who state that Christian persecution is the invention of the Church.


This week, a Brazilian journalist, Ronilso Pacheco wrote that the concept of Christianophobia was invented by the “Christian supremacy”.

In his article on the UOL portal, Pacheco has written in connection with Christianophobia:

“It is a built-up narrative, based on a lie. They want to make us believe this lie. In fact, we are blindfolded by an intimidating and offensive Christian supremacy. This communication of Christian persecution is backed by a political will which wants to strengthen the suzerainty of an anti-democratic religion. The concept of ‘Christianophobia’ was created in response to the notion of ‘homophobia’. But ‘Christianophobia’ does not exist. The word was invented by conservative and fundamentalist Christians to deny the real existing persecution and violence, and prejudice against the LGBTQ community.”

Of course, we would be very grateful if Christian persecution really was invented by the Church. However, the facts show that the persecution of Christians is an existing problem, maybe one of the greatest problems of humanity. Even if many Western people try to deny it, it is a fact that one out of eight Christians is persecuted for his faith, and according to a research of 2019, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, in some countries, Christian persecution achieved the level of a massacre.

Source: Aleteia Portugal


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