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Nigeria: Priest kidnapped and then released

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Fr Jude Onyebadi, who works in the parish at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Issele-Azagba , about 10 miles southeast of Issele-Uku, was kidnapped from his farm on the 26th of September. He was released in the early afternoon of the 29th.


On the 26th of September, three workers from the farm were also kidnapped along with the priest, but they were released some hours after their kidnapping.

The priest’s family members, in collaboration with some volunteers in the area, immediately organised a search for the kidnapped priest but without any results.

Fr. Onyebadi was finally released in the early afternoon of 29th of September. Fr. Charles Uganwa, communications director for the Issele-Uku Diocese, said the priest was beaten at the time of the kidnapping but did not suffer serious injuries. 

The communications director was not able to confirm if the kidnappers had received a ransom in exchange for the priest’s release. This was not the first time Fr Onyebadi has been abducted.  In 2016, he had already been kidnapped from the same place and later released. His kidnappers are believed to be Fulani herders.

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