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Kurdish Christian villages in Iraq are abandoned

Christians have to leave their home in Northern Iraq, due to their religion, and the war.


The Kurdish population in Northern Iraq is estimated to be 25-35 thousand people, with a Muslim majority. So the Christians, who live in these areas, are facing persecution. They are at a disadvantage when they apply for a job, and the Christian organisations are not registered officially. Additionally, the proprieties of the followers of Jesus are usually confiscated, and sold to Muslim people, for a symbolic amount of money.

Since the beginning of 2020, about five Christian villages have been abandoned, because of the Turkish bombardment. 

Pastor Samir Youssef told Asia News that violence has been growing in the area, and leaves more and more victims:

“In the last month, many people have died, just because they lived near to areas controlled by the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party). In some cases, the bombs also fell on the houses of the civil population”.

In another interview to Catholic News Service, he added: “A bombardment destroyed houses, proprieties, and burned downlands, and the Christians had to leave their homes.”

Source, photo: Open Doors Brazil


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