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British churches may be closed for Chrismas due to probable new restrictions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted in an interview with the BBC that the situation with the coronavirus "will be very difficult until Christmas, and even more afterwards."


Johnson believes that in “the next few weeks and months, the figures will change, whether with vaccines or testing, and there will be progress in fighting the virus. As a result, there is hope that things may start to change before Christmas,” he said.

Health Minister Matt Hancock warned in late September that “we must act now” to save Christmas in its traditional form. “The more we can now control the virus and contain it from spreading, the easier it will be to celebrate holidays as close to normal as possible,” he said.

However, given the drastic surge in the number of people infected in the UK, Hancock’s words may well be wishful thinking. In addition, Prime Minister Johnson announced the possibility of extending the restrictions and local lockdowns for up to six months.


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