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The Church helps victims of storm in Vietnam

Caritas, Jesuits and other benefactors are helping Vietnamese people hit by a tropical storm. Many families have lost their homes; more than 22,000 houses were damaged due to the catastrophe.


On 18th of September, a devastating storm passed through the coast from Quang Binh Province to Da Nang. Six people were killed, and more than one hundred were injured.  Four thousand hectares of corn crops and fish farms were destroyed; many families were left homeless.

Vietnamese Caritas has already helped 268 families who have not been able to repair their damaged homes on their own. On the 26th of September, Jesuit father Truong Van Phuc, who runs the Vietnamese charity work of the Society of Jesus, along with other Caritas employees donated money to twelve families in Quang Thanh County, whose homes were virtually destroyed by the storm.

Tran Huu, a 67-year-old Buddhist, said he was grateful to the Catholics who took care of his house and provided him with three million dongs to repair it. Tran Huu is sick and sells lottery tickets to get medicines while his wife grows vegetables.

Father Phuc donated five million dongs to Kim Doi Parish Anna Nguyen Thi Phep to buy iron sheets for the roof of her house. Anna is in a difficult financial situation after her husband died last week.

This year, Vietnam has already been hit by five storms.



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