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Islamic commando set a church on fire in France

A church building in Rillieux-la-Papein in the French Rhone department was set on fire last Saturday. The Mayor of the town, Alexandre Vincendet, condemned the actions of what he called a "criminal commando".


City surveillance cameras showed that this act was performed by a group of “ten people dressed in black and hooded”. The events took place around 9:30 pm. The commandos pushed a car onto the facade of the church and set it on fire. According to the mayor, the same group also made a “coordinated attack” on a dozen other vehicles parked in various parts of the city.

Fortunately, the modern Saint-Pierre-Chanel Church did not catch fire, and the attack only left the wall of the building charred. The church was saved by the quick intervention of the fire brigade. 

Some point out that the act of violence happened near to the 30th anniversary of a major riot that shook the neighbouring town of Vaulx-en-Velin. It is a very famous “lawless zone” near Lyon, comprising of a large block of flats with a high number of social flats and “multicultural” tenants.


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