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The statue of the Nutmeg king in the nativity scene of the Lutheran church of Ulm is considered to be racist

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The statue of the Nutmeg King is going to be removed from the nativity scene of the Lutheran Church of Ulm, because the State considers it to be racist.

This year, the nativity scene of the Lutheran church of Ulm is going to be presented without the three wise men, because the community finds the representation of the Nutmeg king racist. 

The dean of the church, Ernst-Wilhelm Gohl, said, with this act, the church wants to react to the present racism debate in Germany and in the whole world.

In addition to removing the statues of the three wise men, this year, the community decided to tell the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke, because that does not contain the three wise men, to avoid the tension during the holidays.

The parish still has not decided about the long-term fate of the wise men statues, they are planning to make a final decision after the Christmas holidays. 

The tradition of the three wise men originates from the 11th century. Even though the Bible writes about wise men, who visited the holy child, it does not mention neither their number, nor their race.

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