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A Christian convert from Iran: “The Bible is all that I have”

Aid to the Church in Need interviewed the Iranian Seyed Mohammad Mahdi, who was forced to leave his home and is now living as a refugee in Spain. In the interview, Mahdi shares his personal witness and explains why he was obligated to leave Iran.


Mahdi is 38 years old now, and he had to leave his family in Iran. In the interview, he shared that he has a little daughter in Iran, that he is really missing. He had a normal life in Iran, but everything changed when he decided to convert to Christianity and had to leave his home country.

“It was hard because I wanted to become a Christian, but this is a long and hard journey. In my country, Muslims are forbidden to change religion, and so I had to leave my country. I do not know how long I went without eating, without water, walking across mountains, rivers, every night fearful of the police and the people”, he told ACN.

Now, in Spain, he is reading the Bible every day and wears a rosary around his neck; both would be forbidden in Iran. He also talked about his baptism and said:

“I was baptised by Archbishop Fidel Vegas of Burgos. When he poured the water over my head, I changed completely, I felt the sense of the pardon of all my sins.”

You can read the interview here.


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