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Irish authorities have restricted access to Holy Mass once again

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Irish authorities have decided to ban all religious services. Catholic bishops are protesting against this decision by writing a letter to the Prime minister and demanding a meeting with the head of the Irish government. They emphasise that real participation in the Holy Mass is extremely important for all Catholics.


For three weeks, up to and including Sunday, the 27th of October, level three restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic have been introduced across the entire country. This means that all religious services – including Holy Mass – can only be broadcast online, although places of worship may remain open for personal prayer.

Archbishops Eamon Martin of Armagh, Diarmuid Martin of Dublin, Michael Neary of Tuam, and Kieran O’Reilly of Cashel and Emly point out that the communal celebration of Holy Mass and the sacraments, even with a limited number of participants, belongs to the essence of the Christian community.

“We want to work constructively with civil authorities to ensure that our people have constant access to the support of the Holy Mass and the sacraments, and the necessary spiritual food in these difficult times,” the bishops wrote in a letter.


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