Iran: Christian children’s magazine launched in answer to Muslim brainwashing

Children's magazine

In Iran, children are exposed to radical Islamisation in schools. Teachers usually encourage the students not to shy away from the greatest sacrifice for their salvation and attempt suicide if the need arises. In response to this indoctrination, Mitra, a Christian woman, launched a Christian magazine to help children get to know Jesus.


Even though many Iranian citizens disagree with radical Islamisation, their children are exposed to extremist brainwashing in the schools.  Teachers and educational materials encourage them to do their best and save the “lost souls”, and not to shy away from a suicide attempt if there is no other solution to save the people from harmful thinking or religions.

They have, among the material, for example, a drawing that shows a superhero, who is waiting for the hostile army on a cliff. When the army arrives, he jumps and activates the bomb attached to his body, and dies together with the enemy, while shouting: “Allah, I trust you. Allah Akbar!”

Meanwhile, in the house-churches, children are not involved in prayers and have no material aids to encourage them to get closer to Jesus. At prayer time, they usually go back to their rooms or watch TV.

For this reason, Mitra, a Christian woman, has launched a children’s magazine that contains different activities, biblical quotes, and conversation starter questions, that help the children and their whole family get to know the Christian religion and get closer to Christ.

Mitra is hoping that this initiative can be a good answer to Islamist indoctrination, and help children to meet Jesus, already at a young age.

Source, photo: Portas Abertas

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