Pakistani Parliamentary Committee discussed forced conversions with minorities

According to Dawn, several members of the Parliamentary Committee to Protect Minorities from Forced Conversions met with representatives of minority communities in Pakistan’s Sindh province to discuss the issue of forced conversions on the 8th of October.


During the meeting, the committee claimed the government was fully committed to protecting the fundamental rights of religious minorities as provided by the Constitution of Pakistan. It also claimed that several steps had been taken to stop abductions, forced conversions, and forced marriages.

“We bring religion into everything. But our religion is against forceful conversions. The issue here is the non-implementation of laws to stop such wrongdoing. Awareness is also needed regarding the issue of forced conversions,” Noor-ul-Haq Qadri, Federal Minister for Religious and Inter-Faith Harmony, explained.

According to a study by the Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan, an estimated one thousand Christian and Hindu women are abducted, forcefully married, and forcefully converted to Islam every year.

Source: persecution.org

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