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Satanic symbols discovered in Ukrainian schools

Numerous students from the Ukrainian city of Lviv have reportedly been drawing satanic symbols in their school's. Games involving "magical" formulas are becoming more and more popular in this region among the youth.


The Lviv portal “Your City” is alerting its readers by describing a dangerous trend that is taking place in schools in Western Ukraine, where students draw satanic pentagrams inscribed in a circle and say “magic formulas” with their wishes. 

Young people want these spells to prevent lessons from taking place, to prevent the teacher from coming to class or being controlled. 

One of the mothers of a fifth-grader explained that students from her daughter’s class drew a pentagram on the blackboard in the classroom. The image depicted, in the centre of the pentagram, a person and candles on the sides. Apparently, this was supposed to prevent the death of that person.


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