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Young Christian woman raped and then assassinated by Islamists in Bangladesh


Twenty-three-year-old Rukhia Raut was raped and then assassinated by Islamist extremists. The girl was born into a poor Christian family and was in her final year at university.

On the 5th of October, Rukhia was going out with her friends and told her parents that she would be back the day after. The next day she was found dead on a nearby street, her wrists tied together with her own scarf, her teeth broken, and her face deformed.

After a preliminary investigation, police suspect that one of the perpetrators is a Muslim man, Anishul Haque, who had been asking the girl to marry him; she had always turned him down. In her diary, Rukhia wrote that she was afraid that the man would attack or assault her.

The police have already arrested Haque and two other men; all three have admitted being involved in the crime. The parents, however, are afraid of initiating proceedings against their daughter’s assailant, because they do not have the financial resources to fund the process. They also fear attacks from Islamic extremists. 

Source: Portas Abertas

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