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A dozen Christian families beaten for their faith by radicals in India

On the 1st of October, around ten Christian families in India’s Chhattisgarh State were violently attacked by radical Hindu nationalists after they refused to recant their Christian faith. As a result, several Christians were severely injured with some suffering bone fractures, head injuries, and hearing loss.


According to Pastor Susheel Kumar, the Christian families of Gadada village were summoned to a village meeting where they were told to recant their Christian faith or face severe consequences. Before the Christians could answer, however, a mob attacked and mercilessly beat the Christians summoned to the meeting.

“It was a well-executed plan,” Pastor Kumar told International Christian Concern (ICC). “It is part of a bigger plan to religiously cleanse this area and stop conversions to Christianity. The Christians in this entire region are troubled and fear possible attacks from Hindu extremists.”

Eight days after the incident, radical Hindu nationalists held a “reconversion” ceremony for two Christian families from Gadada. At this ceremony, the families recanted their Christian faith and “returned” to Hinduism.


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