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Swiss public television cancels three church program


Three religious programmes will be cancelled by the Swiss German-speaking radio and television network (SSR) from next summer. The axed programmes are "Zwischenhalt", "Blickpunkt Religion" and "Morgengeschichte." The news has shocked the Catholic community.

The cancellation of the three religious programmes was announced a few days ago by the management of the Swiss public media outlet. In their press release they added that the pandemic, quarantine and the increasing digital interest have led to a crisis, which has decreased the revenues coming from advertisements. In response, the German language Swiss television and radio station needs to apply further cutbacks on expenses and reforms even after similar measures were implemented in 2018 and again in 2020. The cutbacks will affect 250 jobs among the 5,500 staff. Both Bishop Alain de Raemy, President of the Swiss Episcopal Conference’s Communication Committee and the Swiss Roman-Catholic Central Conference expressed surprise and disappointment after the decision was made. Other religious groups and organisations in the cantons of the confederation also manifested their frustration at the measures being taken.


Cancelled religious programmes should be restored. 


“The Swiss German-speaking television and radio station’s mission is to broadcast the role of churches and religious communities,[thus] maintaining cohesion in society. The topics of faith are very important to many people” – said Renata Asal-Steger, President of the Roman- Catholic Central Conference requesting that the axed programmes be restored.

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