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Life-size cross torn from the roof of a London church by a young male.

London Baptist Church

A man damaged and then stole a life-sized wooden cross from a Baptist church in London. Police have taken the vandal into custody; the missing religious image was later retrieved.

Stunning videos have spread on the internet, showing a man attempting to tear down a cross, larger than himself, from the top of a church in broad daylight.


The culprit climbed on top of the entrance to the church and then decided to use the wooden cross as a hanger for his coat. He followed this act by proceeding to rip down the cross with all his might, according to reports. 


The oratory in question is the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in Romford. Since the event happened in daylight hours, the entire event was captured on camera.


Police arrived at the scene shortly after the alarm was raised and took the perpetrator into custody where he has remained ever since.


The church’s pastor, James Thomas, noted that the individual in question has mental issues while also stating that since the damage to the cross isn’t extensive and that it can be restored. The pastor is, however, more concerned about the mental health of the perpetrator. 


Source: Vasá


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