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Pro-abortion activists violently disturb Masses in Poland

A recent ruling from the Polish Constitutional Court concerning eugenic abortions provoked a vivid reaction among far-left, and radical feminist organisations. Several protests have taken place in the country's main cities, with some aggressive protesters storming into Catholic churches throughout the country in order to disturb the celebration of Holy Mass.


Last Thursday, the Polish Constitutional Court invalidated the paragraph of the Polish law of 1993 on abortion the  which until now allowed abortion when prenatal examinations or other medical data indicate a “high probability of severe and irreversible disability of the foetus or incurable life-threatening disease.”

The far-left and radical feminists decided to express their anger about this decision by protesting in the streets and shouting vulgar slogans against the government and the Catholic Church.

As a reaction to the numerous acts of disturbing Mass celebrations, hundreds of young Catholics organised themselves so as to protect the entrances of their churches on Sunday and prevent troublemakes entering. 

The atmosphere remains tense in the centre of the capital, Warsaw, as the far-left activists already announced their plans to continue the “fight for human rights.”

The Catholic organisation Ordo Iuris encouraged the faithful to report acts of vandalism and desecration to the police.



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