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Police surround the churches in Gabon to impede the resumption of Masses

Gabon church

Weeks after the reopening of the shops, universities, and schools, the bishops of Gabon decided to re-commence in person Masses on the 25th of October. On Sunday, rows of police rows blocked people entering the churches.


After six months of closure because of COVID19, the bishops of Gabon announced the reopening of the churches as and from the 25th of October. However, last Sunday, the faithful were blocked by rows of police under orders not to let the people into the churches.

On the 16th of October, after the announcement of the bishops, the government determined that every place of worship could be reopened on the 30th of October, with the participation of up to thirty faithful, who had tested negative for COVID19. The intention of the government was clearly to go against the decision of the Church and to make the resumption of Masses harder.

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