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Global Order of Satan praises anti-Catholic protests in Poland

"It is a beautiful and a most satanic action" - this is how the protests of feminists in Poland are evaluated by the World Order of Satan. The group has followers in Poland and urges the protesters to continue their action targeting Catholics "for the glory of Satan".


Global Order of Satan describes the events in Poland as follows: “Today, tens of thousands of Polish citizens have blocked people from going to church and Mass. By showing that if the Catholic Church wants to interfere and oppress Polish life, Poland will in return repel and oppress religion (…)”

The Polish branch of the group published its photos of the feminist strike on its profile. The participants carried signs with the words “you want women’s hell, we will give you hell” or “Satan: he will get you [abortion] pills, hold your hand during an abortion, he will be with you.”

“The Satanic World Order is sending you support and reminds you that if you need information on safe termination of pregnancy, you can seek help. Glory to Satan! ” – they concluded.


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