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Who were the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice?

Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice

As we have already reported, three people have been killed and many others injured in a knife attack near the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice. Catholic News Agency has gathered information about the three victims: the sacristan, a sixty-year-old woman, and a forty-four-year-old mother.


Vincent L., sacristan:

One of the victims has been identified as the sacristan of Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice, Vincent L., who was fifty-five years old and a father of two daughters. He had served in the basilica as a sacristan for ten years.

Catholics in Nice remembered Vincent for his dedicated service to the Church. Fr. Jean-Louis Giordan, the former rector of the basilica, told Vatican News that he first hired Vincent as sacristan of the basilica a decade ago.

“He was an ordinary man, in the good sense of the word: nice, open,” Fr. Gil Florini, parish priest of Saint-Pierre-d’Arène-de-Nice Church, told Le Figaro.

A woman who came to pray:

A woman, reported by a French prosecutor to be sixty years old, who came to pray at the basilica on the morning of the 29th of October. Le Figaro reported that she was found dead with her throat cut, “nearly beheaded,” close to the holy water font inside of the basilica. National Antiterrorist Prosecutor Jean-François Ricard said she died by  “a very deep throat [cut] of the order of a decapitation.”

A mother:

A third victim, a forty-four -year old mother, was attacked inside the church and is said to have taken refuge in a nearby cafe, where she died from stab wounds. According to the French television news channel BFMTV, a witness heard her say, “Tell my family that I love them,” as she died.

Source: CNA

Photo: Wikipedia

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