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A Catholic church has been attacked by a large group of radical Muslims in Vienna

Around fifty men of Turkish origin broke into the Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Vienna and apparently staged a pogrom —a violent riot, according to police reports, relayed by the Kurier Newspaper.


It is noted that the attackers shouted “Allah Akbar” and damaged several confessionals. The deputy rector of the church called the police, but the young people managed to escape before the arrival of law enforcement officers. According to the portal, the episode was recorded on video.

The department for the protection of the constitution believes that radical Islamists, who have repeatedly drawn attention to themselves, were the culprits. The police have managed to identify ten attackers who were already involved in public disorder.

“All Christians should be able to freely and safely practice their faith in Austria! We will resolutely continue the fight against political Islam and not show false tolerance here,” announced Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


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