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Pakistan: Another young Christian girl abducted and forced to marry a Muslim man


Maria's family could do nothing when their daughter was forced to confess in court that she had converted to the Muslim faith and wanted to marry her abductor.


Open Doors shared the story of Maria, who was abducted and forced to marry a Muslim man. The girl was on her way to work at the factory when three armed men blocked her path. They pointed their guns at Maria and forced her into a car.

Three days later, Maria’s parents saw their daughter in court. And Maria shared four words that would change all of their lives.

She looked at the judge and said: “I have converted to Islam.”

Then, Maria left with the same three men that kidnapped her. One of the men had chosen Maria to be his second wife.

Maria comes from a Christian family, and there was nothing her parents could do. These Muslim men abducted their daughter and forced her to convert to Islam—and into marriage.

Source: Open Doors

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