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Leaders of Chinese Guizhou House Church taken away by the police

On the 25th of October, the pastor of Enguang Church in Guizhou’s Guiyang city and his wife were allegedly taken away from their home at night by local security officials.


According to Twitter user @luohanguo, Pastor Wu Xuechao, who serves at the house church, was taken from his home last Sunday. After the authorities searched his home, without presenting any legal documents, he and his wife Yang Wei were both taken away.

The couple have three young children, ranging from nearly two-year-old to seven years old. Wu’s parents are currently taking care of them, as the couple have not been heard from since.

On the same day, the preacher was taken, worshippers at the church’s Huaxi campus were also briefly taken away while they were having their service. Officials from the local ethnic and religious affairs bureau, along with police officers, raided the church and moved the churchgoers to the police station.

While in detention, the Christians were humiliated and forced to change into prison uniforms. Their personal information was noted down, and they were forced to sign a statement while being asked to join the state-sanctioned Three-self church.

The ten Christians were only released several hours later, while preacher Dai Yankun was again taken away the same night and has not been heard from since. So far both Dai and the couple have not received any legal assistance.


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