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Austria, Vienna: At least four people killed and twenty-two injured in a terror attack

Yesterday evening, shortly after 8 PM, terror attackers opened fire on passersby in six regions of the city centre of Vienna


The day after the Vienna shooting, there are still many people fighting for their lives. As far as we know, five people died during the attacks yesterday in Vienna, two male and two female civilians, and one gunman who was killed by police. Authorities described the attacker as a 20-year-old “Islamist terrorist” with North Macedonian and Austrian citizenship. Police are not certain how many attackers were on the streets but have arrested several people.

The number of injured is unclear; according to some news agencies there are fourteen, seven in critical condition, others write about twenty-two being hurt.

The assaults occurred at six locations close to Seitenstettengasse in the heart of the Austrian capital.

Schools remained closed today in Vienna, and world leaders have expressed their solidarity with the Austrian people.

Source: The Guardian

Photo: Vasá

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