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Help us encourage Poland to keep standing for life!

In the midst of the current unrest taking place in Poland around abortion, a petition is circulating on the internet and encouraging the Polish government not to back down in the face of radical abortionist movements. We invite all our readers to take part in this initiative.


Since the Polish Constitutional Court decision banning eugenic abortion, demonstrations have been taking place all over Poland to protest the ruling with the slogan “It’s war!”. While most of the demonstrations are not massive in character, with the number of demonstrators varying from a few tens to a few thousand. 

The first target of the demonstrators, which seems to be part of the cultural war led by the extreme left for some time now, is the Catholic Church, victim of repeated acts of vandalism, even though it is not at the origin of the judgment of the Constitutional Court, while its positions on abortion are known to all. On Sunday the 25th of October, holy masses were interrupted at the call of radical organisations such as Strajk Kobiet (Women’s Strike).

Catholics complain that the police were too passive, while voluntarily interrupting a religious service in order to obstruct it is a crime punishable by two years of prison in Poland and while churches with historical monument status have not been spared by pro-abortion or insulting tags against Christians. Priests have been targeted with insults and swear words, often with sexual overtones.

It is therefore important to express our support for Poland’s patriotic and pro-life policy, for the promotion of conservative and Christian values, and for the guarantee of the right to life for all.

The abortionist lobby is trying to force the Polish government to retreat and not promulgate the Constitutional Court’s ruling because if the government does not promulgate the law, it cannot take effect. However, according to the Polish Constitution, the government is required to announce the court ruling immediately.

In order to support the defence of life in Poland, you can sign the petition here.

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