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Chinese police continue to track house church elder

An elder from the Chengdu-based Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) named Li Yingqiang continues to be tracked by the authorities despite having moved from Chengdu to Leshan on the 28th of October


In a prayer request sent to friends and church members, Li shared that on the 3rd of November, the police from Renmin West Road police station came to visit him at his newly rented residence and noted down the personal information of his family.

Later, a police officer called Li several times to inquire about how he signed his rental contract. Since the authorities were unable to contact the landlord, who does not live in China, they pressured Li to give out the landlord’s email, to which Li refused.

As a result, they said that they would try to contact the family members of the landlord next. The authorities may pressure the landlord’s family and ask them to void the contract.

Elder Li Yingqiang, once imprisoned for eight months after a raid on ERCC, only recently moved back to Chengdu, for he wanted to bear this cross with his ERCC family. However, the ongoing harassment by the police in Chengdu forced him to move to Leshan city, where he will probably continue to be watched and threatened.


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