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Zimbabwe: Nun dies due to injuries, two months after the attack

Sister Matilda Mulengachonzi, aged 60, died on Sunday, the 25th of October, two months after she suffered deep cuts on her forehead and head and a serious injury to her eye when her parish was attacked.


Fides news agency reports, Sister Matilda was injured on the evening of August 24th, when an armed bandit entered the parish of Saint Barbara, in the Diocese of Monze, in Zimbabwe. The criminal took Sister Okafor Assumpta, 49, and Sister Matilda Mulengachonzi by surprise.

“Sister Matilda suffered deep cuts on her forehead and head, with a serious eye injury, while Sister Assumpta suffered a deep cut on her head after the criminal hit them with an iron bar. The two victims had surprised the burglar when he tried to break into the monastery”, a police spokeswoman reported.

The nuns were admitted to the Itezhi-tezhi district hospital and then transferred to the University Teaching Hospital. Sister Okafor was discharged soon after, while Sister Matilda remained hospitalised in the intensive care unit, where she later passed away.

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