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A 13-year-old kidnapped girl was freed by the police in Pakistan

The girl was liberated from her kidnapper, and given back to her family, three weeks after being kidnapped.


As reported earlier, the 13-year-old Arzoo Raja was kidnapped from her home on the 13th of October, forced to marry her abductor and convert to Islam.

After two weeks of the ongoing commitment from Church leaders, with the support of leaders of political parties, activists and organisations for human rights and civil society, on the 2nd of November, Arzoo was finally released by the court and let to go home to her parents.

After meeting the girl, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Karachi, Mgr. Diego Saleh told Fides news agency:

 “I greatly appreciate the work of the security forces for rescuing the minor on the same day the High Court gave the order, and for having kept the minor in custody at the police station in the women and children section”.

The Vicar General adds: “The entire Pakistani Christian community is grateful to the Sindh Government, the High Court judges and security officials for their swift response to the court orders enacted yesterday morning to save Arzoo”. He, therefore, urges “the entire Christian community to continue to pray until we obtain justice for Arzoo, and I hope we will get it soon”.

The police meanwhile arrested the kidnapper Ali Azhar, who had kidnapped the girl on the morning of the 13th of  October morning, forced her to marry him and convert to Islam.


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