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Hundreds of monuments will be lit in red for persecuted Christians

red wednesday

Red Week will be held between the 18th and the 25th of November, to draw attention to the persecution of Christians all over the world.


#RedWeek2020 will be organised to raise awareness of the persecution of 250 million Christians around the world. For this occasion, cathedrals, churches and public buildings will be illuminated in red in many countries across four continents.

This event has been organised every year since 2015 by the ACN foundation. This year the initiative will begin in Austria. On Wednesday, the 18th of November, a Mass for persecuted Christians will be held in red-lit Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. On this day, the red spotlight will shine on almost fifty  participating Austrian churches and state institutions, such as the Austrian Parliament in Vienna.

Many countries all over the world, from Canada to Australia, will take part in #RedWeek. During this time symbolic monuments will be bathed in red light, such as Bratislava Castle or the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montréal. It is very likely that the statue of Christ, “Cristo Redentor,” in Rio de Janeiro, where the campaign first began in 2015, will again be a part of the campaign this year. In the past years, the Colosseum in Rome has also been lit red.

Source: ACN




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