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Christians pay with their lives for being faithful to Christ in North Korea

Christians in North Korea profess faith in Christ at the cost of their lives. This is shown by Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, who is himself a descendant of the Korean martyrs.


Cardinal Soo-jung is the Archbishop of Seoul and the Apostolic Administrator of Pyongyang. He points out that the restoration of religious freedom in North Korea would be one of the steps that would allow rebuilding peace with the South. He notes that the communist authorities continue to use total repression against Christians who still pay for their faithfulness to Jesus with their lives, long imprisonment and labour camps. 

“The pandemic has allowed us to experience that no one can save himself on his own. We need mutual responsibility and care for those who suffer the most from the Coronavirus,” says the Korean Cardinal. He points out that sanitary restrictions have changed not only social but also liturgical life.

“Even in times of wars and persecution, Masses were celebrated in our churches with the participation of the faithful. Now it has been taken from us,” the Cardinal explains, pointing out that this acute lack of the Eucharist allowed the inhabitants of the South [Korea] to better understand what their northern brothers, repressed for their faith, experience on a daily basis.



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