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Gunmen Kidnap Coptic Christian in Egypt

On November the 8th, 2020, three unmasked gunmen kidnapped Coptic Christian Nabil Habshy Salama (61 years old) in Egypt’s North Sinai city of Bir al-Abd. The incident was reported by his son.

The kidnapping occurred at 8:00 p.m. while the streets were busy. It was followed by shots fired into the air, and the gunmen stealing an escape car. Nabil had left his home to buy an item at a shop less than 50 meters from his house when the incident occurred.

The family has expressed much distress regarding the event. Nabil’s son Peter told Copts United

“We work in the many fields of trading, such as phones and gold. Also, my father built the only church we have here. It is named Mary, Anba Karas, and Saint Abnoub Church. Our relations with others are good.”

Nabil’s family has expressed concern for his life and has subsequently filed a report at the local police station. Journalist Nader Shokry wrote that Peter has appealed to President Sisi to intervene and reveal the fate of his father.

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