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Two Christians killed in an incident of religious hatred in Pakistan


A Christian mother and her son were killed in an incident of religious hatred in a village located in the Gujranwala district of Pakistan, on the 9th of November.

Yasmeen Masih and her son, Usman, were shot dead by Hassan Shakoor, their Muslim neighbour. According to a relative of the deceased, the Christians were killed over a dispute that turned religious. He also said that the victims had had earlier conflicts with their neighbours. Weeks before the killings, Shakoor’s mother, Ishrat, blocked the sewer line coming from the Christians’ home because she did not like wastewater flowing by their home from the house of an ‘untouchable’.

On the day of the incident, Ishrat called Yasmeen out of her house and started abusing her for unblocking the sewer line coming from the Christian home. During the dispute, Ishrat called her son, Hassan, who opened fire on Yasmeen. Usman, Yasmeen’s son, was caught in the crossfire as he tried to rescue his mother. Both Christians were shot multiple times and were killed on the scene.


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