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Christian woman lost her husband and child due to persecution

Nancy, a Christian from Egypt, was attacked with her family when they were visiting a Christian monastery in the region of Minia. Apart from her husband and fourteen-year-old son, Nancy has also lost her two brothers-in-law and her two nieces.


Nancy and her family decided to visit a Christian monastery in the region of Minia. As she had a large family, they decided to travel all together in a microbus, driven by a Christian man.

After visiting the monastery, they realised that they still had time to visit a church nearby, that was dedicated to the Christian martyrs. Everybody was impressed by the atmosphere of the church, and Nancy’s husband even noticed that he also wanted to be a martyr.

When they left the church, they were attacked by armed men. Some members of the family managed to reach the microbus in time, but the Islamists followed them and opened fire. The attackers separated the men and executed them one after another.

Nancy told Open Doors, that amidst the shootings they prayed together to God.

 “We were praying while the bullets were flying in our direction. We also continued praying, when the terrorists got on the bus”.

Nancy was also injured, but she survived her injuries and was treated in hospital. Now, after her recovery, she is doing her best to look after her eleven-year-old child, who was shaken by the execution of her brother and father.

Source, photo: Portas Abertas

The photo represents Nancy’s family in the monastery, sometime before the tragical attack.


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