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Swedish Catholic church desecrated in Gothenburg

Pain and concern were expressed by the Archbishop of Stockholm, Cardinal Anders Arborelius, following the news about the desecration of the Church of Christ the King in Gothenburg in southern Sweden.


The incident took place on the 13th of November when unknown perpetrators entered the temple and committed acts of vandalism. The individuals overturned the pulpit and chair, which they threw from the presbytery into the centre of the church. They also destroyed part of the side chapel and scattered songbooks and candles.

The local parish priest, Fr. Tobias Unnerstål expressed his belief that it was deliberate destruction, with symbolic gestures indicating hostility to the Church.

On its website, the parish ensures that it will also remain open on weekdays, but at the same time the parish priest asked the faithful to come to the church during the week for prayer, because – as he noted – “the risk of new attacks is lower when someone is inside.”

Cardinal Anders Arborelius received the news of the desecration in Gothenburg “with pain and anxiety,” adding that he was praying “for the entire [local] community at this difficult moment.”


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