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A century of legal mass extermination of the unborn

Since abortion was legalised in the Russia one hundred years ago, over a billion unborn children have been killed worldwide. Commentators talk about the opening of the gates of hell that began in 1920 and continues to this day.


The Bolshevik decree of 1920 meant de facto free abortions upon request, under the condition that a doctor performed them. The minimal restriction was the obligation of medics to discourage women when there were no social, economic or medical reasons for an abortion.

Interestingly, a hundred years ago, in a fairly primitive agricultural country like Russia, a country dominated by genocidal ideology, the right to abortion was argued like it is today. It was presented as  “preventing the negative effects of illegal infanticide on women’s health.”

According to Michael Heynes of Life Site News, in 1920, Russia became the first country in the world to legalise abortion. Capitalist countries then protected life. A few months earlier, even secular France had banned the sale and promotion of contraception.


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