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Nigeria: Abducted Christian pastor is still in captivity

Pastor Polycarp Zongo was kidnapped on the 19th of October by Islamic extremists while he was travelling to a Christian conference. At the beginning of the month, some fake news was circulating about his release. Unfortunately, he is still in the hands of his abductors.


As we reported in a video, posted on the 29th of October, the priest asked the government and the religious leaders of Nigeria for assistance securing his release along with two other women kidnapped with him.

After watching the video, the Nigerian Christian leader, Gideon Para Mallam told Christian Post that he did not know if the abductors were related to any Islamist group. He also highlighted that in the video the abductors did not ask for any ransom, so they kidnapped the Christians for religious motives only. Mallam warned fellow Christians to be vigilant because the terrorists would probably try to kidnap other people.

The there Christians are still in captivity; there is no further information available about their plight.

Source, photo: Portas Abertas

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