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Mississippi city repeals rule restricting protesters at abortion clinics

A city ordinance aimed at restricting the extent of pro-life demonstrations outside of Mississippi’s only abortion clinic has been in place in Jackson.


The Jackson City Council voted this week to repeal a local ordinance that limited amplified noise. It prevented pro-life activists from engaging in sidewalk counselling outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organisation.

The vote came in response to a lawsuit filed last year against Jackson officials by the Mississippi Justice Institute (MJI) on behalf of the pro-life group Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

“We are pleased that the city of Jackson has decided to do the right thing and end this unconstitutional restriction on free expression,” stated MJI Director Aaron Rice.

In October of last year, the Jackson City Council approved an ordinance that, among other things, created a fifteen-foot, anti-protest buffer zone around all health-care facilities which has now been repelled.

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