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Joint prayer network banned by Chinese government in Beijing

A joint prayer network in Beijing has been disbanded by the local government. Many pastors within the network were summoned and asked to shut down their churches.


The “Beijing Ministerial Joint Prayer Network” (BMJPN) was founded in 2004 by Pastor Jin Mingri from the Shouwang Church, one of the largest house churches in Beijing. He has gathered dozens of pastors to pray for church revival and missions regularly. While it started in Beijing, now there are pastors from different provinces who are actively involved in BMJPN.

Recently the authorities have summoned many pastors who are part of the BMJPN to local religious affairs bureau for interrogation. They informed the pastors that BMJPN has not registered with the government, so its activities are considered “illegal religious activities.” They were banned from preaching online and were asked to disolve their churches.

A pastor told the Gospel Herald that he would not drop BMJPN. He is also prepared to see churches forcibly shut down by the authorities. Many churches have been gathering in smaller groups in the last weeks days, both due to the pandemic and the increased crackdown.


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