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A student was punished in a Chinese school, for saying that God exists

A Chinese adolescent, Xiaoyu, was punished by his teacher because he told his classmates that God exists. As a punishment, the teacher obliged him to stand during lessons for a month.


AsiaNews was informed about the incident by a priest, who lives in the North of the country. He heard from one of the faithful that his son was punished at school for saying that God exists.

“The Bible states that man was created by God. But this statement is false,” declared the teacher. “God does not exist. Man developed from the apes, that fact is proven by the theory of Darwin.”

Then the boy asked the teacher how the theory of Darwin disproves the existence of God. The teacher started a heated debate with the student, in front of the other members of the class, and finally punished him, obliging him to stay standing during lessons for a month.


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